MERS: Healthcare Workers

UPDATED: 4.26.14, 1945 EST

After working on my last visualization, I wanted to explore MERS in healthcare workers a little further. I was especially curious about how much healthcare workers have contributed to the total case count we’ve seen since MERS was first documented in 2012, as well as since the onset of the ongoing outbreak in the Middle East. These two graphs illustrate what I found:
monthly_mers_hcwgp_4.26v2daily_mers_hcwgp_4.26v2As I stressed while creating the MERS visualization series, case data are incomplete and likely to change. However, I do think it’s fascinating that such a large proportion of cases have been healthcare workers – and that this fact has especially been the case during the current outbreak (3/20/2014 to present). I’m beginning to wonder how this finding might be related to some other factors I discovered while working on the visualization series. For instance, healthcare workers experience a higher rate of asymptomatic cases, as well as lower rates of comorbidities and fatalities, when compared to the general public:

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 7.40.14 PMI won’t speculate here, but sometime this weekend I’ll post a summary a few of theories that might explain what we’ve been seeing – among healthcare workers and otherwise!

Note: Temporal data indicates date of onset, hospitalization, diagnosis, or public reporting.
Data Sources: KSA MoH & WHO


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