MERS: Updated Charts [& Improved Fatality Data]

Note: As of today, 38 MERS-related deaths that were previously missing from my dataset have been matched to their respective case entries.

These 38 deaths were announced after the cases were originally reported, but there was unfortunately no referencing mechanism between “new death” announcements and “old case” reports. After taking some time to triangulate backwards, only 9 deaths now remain unmatched and thus have been excluded from these charts. The figures below represent 151 of the 160 deaths reported out of the KSA MoH as of May 15, 2014 and 178 deaths overall, including those from other countries. It also appears that the KSA MoH has recently started an effort to link new death announcements to prior case reports by providing references to dates of original reporting. Hopefully, this will make it easier for me to provide more accurate mortality information for all who are following the current MERS outbreak in the Middle East.

UPDATED: 5.16.14, 0210 EST
Temporal data indicates date of onset, hospitalization, diagnosis, or public reporting.
Data Sources:
Please Note:
Data are highly imperfect and subject to change.

Analysis & commentary on predecessors of these charts can be found at the following locations:
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Find out more about MERS in America here and here.


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