MERS: [New] Updated Charts

As y’all know, 113 previously unreported MERS cases (and 92 deaths) were announced three weeks ago by KSA MOH. Unfortunately, we still don’t have much information on these cases, aside from when they occurred. I’ll refrain from updating my usual charts until further details are released by KSA MOH or WHO; they just won’t be accurate otherwise. For the time being, the following three figures will be regularly updated…

epicurve_6.25unreported_reported_6.25 age_6.25Analysis & commentary on predecessors of these charts can be found at the following locations:
1. MERS: Healthcare Workers
2. MERS: Mortality Over Time
3. MERS: Comorbidities Over Time
4. MERS: Impact of comorbidity on mortality and disease severity
5. MERS: If not a mutation, then what?
6. MERS: Impact of comorbidity on mortality
7. Wh
y we ought to care about MERS in healthcare workers

8. MERS: Mortality & comorbidity in symptomatic cases
9. Asymptomatic MERS + Ablution = Transmission?
10. MERS: Historical Variability of Comorbidity & Mortality
11. MERS: Impact of comorbidity on mortality, revisited
12. MERS in KSA: Age Distribution
13. MERS in KSA: Distributing 92 Previously Unreported Deaths
14. MERS: Effect of sex on mortality in KSA vs. non-KSA cases

Find out more about MERS in America here and here.


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