Ebola: [New] Updated Charts

Last Update: 4 September 2014 [Charts]
Current Update: 16 September 2014 [Data Source]

Important Note: As y’all might remember, last week I wrote my first article for the Disease Daily on estimating the fatality of the 2014 West African Ebola outbreak. Simply put, assessing the fatality of this outbreak is not as simple as dividing the number of total deaths at time t by the number of total cases at time t; the lag time between case reporting and death reporting must be considered to properly assess the lethality of the outbreak. With this in mind, I’ve purposefully excluded all of my standard fatality-related Ebola charts from this update. That said, I’ll be updating my lag-adjusted fatality chart in the near future and hope to create similar visualizations at the country scale as well.
epicurve_9.16bycountry_cumulative_9.16 lcr_9.16 monthly_epicurve_9.16

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