A Note on Access to Publications

Hi everyone! Recently, I’ve had a few folks ask where they can access my scientific (and occasionally, journalistic) publications. (About a year ago, I stopped cross-posting about new publications here; nowadays, I reserve blogging primarily for work that hasn’t been published elsewhere yet [and lecture slides] so that I can get feedback and so on.)

As of now (and for the foreseeable future), the best place to access my scientific publications is my Google Scholar profile – and the most comprehensive list of both scientific and journalistic publications can be found under the CV & Materials tab of my professional website.

Though I try my hardest to publish preferentially at open access journals, some of my work exists (sadly) behind a pay wall. If you ever find yourself unable to access one of these publications, don’t hesitate to shoot me a quick email or tweet! I’ll do my best to get whatever you’re looking for directly to you.

Merry reading and my most heartfelt thanks! (Nothing is quite as rewarding as having your work matter… If even just a teeny, tiny bit!)



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