HST.936: Workshop 1

As promised, here are the slides (and corresponding lesson plan) from yesterday’s workshop! Though we were only supposed to spend about an hour on the subject, the students was so engaged that we ended up going about 30-45 minutes over class time. I was thrilled by the diversity of perspectives*, as well as the lively debate and discussion.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our workshop next week will involve accessing the Google search trends API and exploring the relationship between interest and incidence within the context of infectious disease surveillance. (If you’d like access to the materials for this workshop – as well as the 3–4 others I have planned for the rest of the semester – feel free to shoot me an email.)

*The class is ~45 students big and more or less evenly split between public health and clinical folks from HSPH and HMS, governance and policy folks from HKS and Brandeis, and (of course) data science and engineering folks from MIT.

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